We provide complex bioinformatics solutions.

We offer various analysis methods, primarily in the area of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis. Our aim is to offer ultra-modern analysis which guarantee our customers to receive high-quality results and provide clear answers to their research questions.

 Our excellent bioinformatics team take care of the full process from isolation to library preparation and sequencing of high quality reads, based on our costumer’s request. We can answer a wide range of genomics questions such as de novo assembly, metagenomics, SNP detection, detection of homolog and xenolog regions, genome comparison, taxonomic studies as well as other complex bioinformatics projects.

The price of our bioinformatics service is usually part of our sequencing packages. In case of extra inqueries or for analysing your data created in other laboratory please ask for a quotation.

Delivery of results: secure download from our server (preferred) or by airmail on DVD (extra charge).

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