De novo sequencing

Nucleic acid sequencing is a method for determining the order of nucleotides within a given DNA or RNA molecule. Next generation sequencing provides a cheaper and higher-throughput alternative to sequencing DNA than traditional Sanger sequencing. With this technology, we can obtain large amount of genomic data from any nucleic acid samples.


De novo sequencing


De novo sequencing involves sequencing of novel genomes where no reference sequence is available or known genomes where significant structural variation is expected. De novo sequencing is typically accomplished by assembling short reads to create full-length sequences. A detailed genetic analysis of any organism is possible only after de novo sequencing has been performed.

Our bioinformatics services include cluster generation, integrating of clusters, annotation, submission for GenBank etc., only to mention the most frequent tasks in case of de novo sequencing.

We use Illumina platforms for de novo sequencing.

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