Metagenomics is the study of the genomic content in a complex microbial sample. Using next generation sequencing it is possible to investigate species that are difficult or impossible to analyse because they fail to grow in laboratory culture. Since almost >98% of the microorganism cannot be cultured under laboratory conditions and most of them live in mixed and complex environments, metagenomics is the only approach to access the genetic information of these microbes.

Microbial communities are extremely complex and diverse across a wide range of habitats. Metagenome samples were analysed originating from nearly everywhere, including drinking water, soil samples, extreme environments (deep mines, oceans) or the human gut or mouth. The goal of metagenomics is to determine the species present in a given environment and understand their complex interactions.

Metagenomics sequencing can be divided in two main categories: Shotgun (Whole) Metagenome Sequencing and amplicon (16S rRNA or ITS) Sequencing.

Amplicon Sequencing

16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) sequencing is a common amplicon sequencing method used to identify and compare bacteria present within a given sample. The prokaryotic 16S rRNA gene is the most used marker, which contains conserved and variable regions that facilitate sequencing and phylogenetic identification. Similarly, the internal traascribed spacer (ITS) sequencing can provide us taxonomic information on fungal samples.

Shotgun (Whole) Metagenome Sequencing

Shotgun (whole) metagenomics use the entire DNA present in a given sample for sequencing. The method allows us to evaluate the bacterial diversity and detect the abundance of microbes in natural environments. Besides taxonomic information, als data on functional composition of the investigated samples could be gained. Moreover, we can gain an insight into the world of viruses. This approach offers a random representation of all extracted genomic sequences, giving insights into the metabolic profiles of these specific communities.

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 Delivery of results: secure download from our server (preferred) or by airmail on DVD (extra charge).

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