Sample submission guidelines

Submitting nucleic acid samples

We are able to isolate nucleic acids from your sample, but if you wish to send us the DNA or RNA, please take into consideration the following important points:

  1. Determination of DNA concentration should be carried out by using intercalating dye and fluorimetric method;
  2. Measurement of RNA concentration could be performed via A260/A280 or using RiboGreen dye;
  3. If you use Nanodrop, please send at least twice as many sample as it would be determined based on Nanodrop measurements;
  4. Ship RNA always on dry ice;
  5. DNA can be shipped in several forms (suspended in buffer or water, spotted on filter paper etc.) at ambient temperature or in cold packs;
  6. Whole genome sequencing: Minimum DNA amount needed  is 500 ng (when using PCR for library preparation) or 2.5 µg (for PCR-free methods)
  7. Metagenomics: in case of shotgun (whole metagenomics) or amplicon-based sequencing (after the PCR was already carried out): Minimum DNA amount needed  is 2.5 µg. Amplicon-based metagenome-sequencing, when the PCR will be carried out by us: the quantity is usually not limiting but it should be free from PCR inhibitors. We provide also service to isolate DNA from your sample, also when the sample is polluted by hydrocarbons.
  8. Amplicon sequencing: Minimum DNA amount needed  is 500 ng
  9. RNA: 50 ng


Submitting other samples

  • You can submit bacteria on agar in Petri dishes, but please ensure that it could be not opened during the shipment. Alternatively, bacteria could be sent in Eppendorf, 20 (V/V) % glycerol in media, PBS or phys, salt on dry ice.
  • For metagenome study, please send at least 500 g soil, 500 ml water (when non polluted) or 800 g- 1000 g soil and 800 ml-1000 ml water, when polluted. Shipment should be occurred cooled but not freezed.
  • From blood samples we need at least 10 ml, optimally 20 ml.
  • Please contact us when sending other samples.

Please send the samples to this address: Sequencing Center, Enviroinvest Corp., H-7632 Pecs, Kertvaros u. 2, Hungary

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